Reina Williams, MLIS

Librarian | Instructor | Educator

Career Goals

Socrates-21Instruction, teaching, and technology are my passions. The most rewarding part of my job is to see successful students. Success for each student varies. It could be getting an A on a paper they struggled to write, or passing a class they thought they were going to fail. I have the opportunity to teach students the skills needed to be a successful student.

My goal is to continue to impact students, but to be in a position to make decisions that will improve the student experience. I am empathetic to the struggles students face, and know the help librarians provide is essential to student success.

I would like to continue to lead a library or reference and instruction department into the 21st century and beyond using innovative technology, daring instruction methods that captivate and motivate students. I want to help create the bridge to critical thinking and analysis that many college freshmen struggle to grasp. I want to continue to use classroom assessment techniques and active learning strategies to ensure every learning style is reached during bibliographic instruction.

It is important to evaluate reference and instruction through student and faculty surveys to determine if majority of the students in the classroom are being reached. I want to lead a team of librarians with the same goals for student engagement and success.

Reina Williams, MLIS

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