Reina Williams, MLIS

Librarian | Instructor | Educator

Professional Philosophy

Librarianship’s place in society is imperative in educating and creating awareness among groups despite race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or physical ability. Librarianship puts differences aside and presents a goal of creating equal access to all.

I lead by example. I do not ask someone to do something I am not willing to do. I offer my help and advice, but never micromanage. It is essential for a good leader to hear the concerns of their colleagues, and try to find a way to resolve the issue. Happier employees reflect positively on the organization.

Education is vital in my development and advancement in the field of librarianship. I volunteer, read, and communicate with other library professionals to stay informed about changes in the library field. If someone has found a good way to do something I would like to know it, find a way to improve it, and apply it to my organization.

It is very important as a service professional to recognize and respect everyone’s differences. Despite those differences maintaining a respectful interaction is important. Wherever you are you not only representing yourself but also the organization.  I try to treat everyone fairly, and listen to their concerns. The only way to improve service to our users is to know where we can improve.

I envelope all the values of librarianship in my work such as: stewardship, equitable access, and diversity. I continue to educate myself about the profession and the population we serve. It is important to know what technology they are using and how it can be applied to the service we provide. I respect and embrace diversity. It is important to embrace everyone in the organization and the community you serve. I would like to be part of the effort to increase diversity in librarianship. So, the communities we serve can see more diversity behind the reference desk.

Reina Williams, MLIS

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